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Here you have all the information you need to buy Nations Cup tickets (final phase included). Read it closely to resolve any query and to ascertain when buying your tickets for the Nations Cup matches.


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- Select the minimum and maximum price you are willing to pay for each ticket.
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- Select how you want are grouped. Note that 2 separate or almost together tickets will usually be cheaper than both together. And if you need a large number of tickets, usually two pairs of tickets are cheaper than 4 together ones.
- Select the category (stands area) that interests you selecting it under the categories plan that are on the left side of the screen. Thus, only the ads of this category will be displayed. You can enlarge the stadium image passing the mouse over the image.


Nations Cup together tickets 

 Together tickets: tickets located side by side within the same row (without seats, stairs, fences or columns between them).

 Almost together tickets: tickets with 1 or 2 seats between them, or intermediate hurdle (staircase, fence or column), are located one behind the other, or diagonally in consecutive rows. This allows you to buy these tickets in a same purchase. You usually can buy these tickets at a lower price than together tickets in that same section.

 Separated tickets: tickets in the same section but not together or almost together. This allows you to buy multiple tickets for a section within a same purchase. Frequently you can buy these tickets at a lower price than together tickets of that same section. 

 Grouped tickets: tickets grouped in couples or threesomes in the same area. They are couples or bigger groups of tickets together in the same zone. Although they aren't all together, they don't include any single or separate ticket. Ideal for big groups.


Nations Cup tickets categories

There are several categories of Nations Cup tickets for all of its matches. To make it easier for you, we show you them in colors on the left side images that you can find on every Nations Cup match tickets listing. Each one has its own characteristics, which we explain, so you can choose the most appropriate to your needs.

Category 1 Premium (purple): tickets located in the central area of lower longside stands, near the pitch, on the first two levels of the stadium (if it has). In purple color on the plans. They have a better perspective of the game and also you can watch the players up close.

Category 1: tickets located in the non central part of  lower longside stands, near to the pitch (on the first two levels). In green color on the categories plans. They are the ones with a good perspective of the game and close viewing to the players. Not as good as Category 1 Premium but better than Category 2 tickets.

Category 2 Longside: tickets located on the higher longside stands (3rd level). In light blue color on the categories plans. Tickets where you have a good perspective of the game but a bit far away from the players.

Category 2 Goal: tickets located in the two lower stands on goals, the ones closest to the pitch. In dark blue on categories plans. Tickets where you can watch the players up close but lower perspective of the game.

Category 3: tickets located on the higher stands on goals (3rd level). In orange color on categories plans. Usually the cheapest ones.

VIP category: tickets with additional features such as more comfortable seats, catering hall with access to food, drinks and hostess service. VIP and Hospitality tickets in Champions League are usually located on the lonsides, but sometimes (depends on the stadium) on goals too, both seats in the stands and private boxes. Therefore, we advise buyers to pay attention to the information the seller give about them (if available).

Away fans: tickets located in the away team fans area provided for the organizer. They are usually located in the higher stand. Fanstickets requires to the sellers of these tickets to indicate that in his listing, it means tickets are located in the away fans area.


Nations Cup final phase tickets prices

The official tickets prices of the Nations Cup final phase are set by UEFA and are around €400 per ticket for the better ones and €50 for the cheaper category, with no consideration of the Hospitality tickets, that they can reach thousands of euros.

In the case of the tickets advertised on Fanstickets, prices of Nations Cup final phase tickets, as well as those of other matches, are freely set by sellers and may be higher or lower that official ones depending on seller criteria, and other factors such as:

  • - the existing demand for tickets to these matches.
  • - the tickets grouping in the advertise (together, almost together, separated or grouped).
  • - the availability of tickets at all times.
  • - the tickets category in the advertise.
  • - available information about the tickets of the advertise.


Nations Cup tickets delivery

As usual, you'll want to know when you will receive your Nations Cup final phase tickets before or after you purchased them on the web.

Everything depends on when the seller receives them for sending to you next. The organizer starts sending from 3/4 weeks before the event date. So you can’t receive them before. In the case of the finalist teams tickets, they will begin to send about two weeks earlier. So it is normal that you receive your tickets for the Nations Cup final phase in the previous days just before the date of the match. It is usual, don’t worry if you do not receive before.



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- Choose the delivery address in the city of the event (your accomodation one) if you are traveling on the days before the event. Or choose delivery to a Collection Point in the event clida when available.
- If you're going to take children to the stadium, we recommend you choose entries near the field. Children 2 years and younger get in free because they occupy a seat. From 3 years old pay full adult ticket price.
- Access to the stadium at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid last minute crowds.


More information Nations Cup tickets

In Fanstickets we will try to show as soon as possible the Nations Cup tickets information and keep it updated at any time, but we recommend you consult the media to be update informed about schedules and news related with Nations Cup final and the rest of the matches.

Buy tickets for final phase of the Nations Cup every year is a challenge for fans. This new competition for national teams will atract lots of fans all around the world every 4 years. From the group stage to the final phase the best national teams will struggle to lift the spiral trophy.

Actual World champion, France, will fight to defend its world title in Europe in this new competition against very strong contenders as Germany, Spain or England. Nor should we forget the current world runner-up, Croatia and possible surprises such as Belgium, Italy or Holland. Surely for Spain, will have a special incentive if finally the final phase is disputed in Spain.

What is certain is that the emotion is assured in the group stage on the way to the final phase, which will be played in June 2018. Until then, Europe's greats must meet the forecasts and win their group by eliminating the rest of the teams. The Santiago Bernabeu Camp Nou, the Allianz Arena, the Juventus stadium and many other major stadiums in Europe could organize this first final phase of the Nations Cup. Do not wait any longer and buy your tickets now to watch any of the Nations Cup football matches in 2018.  


2018 Nations Cup final phase venue 

The venue for the Final Cup of the Nations Cup 2018 is still unknown, but Spain has positioned itself as the best positioned.