How to buy tickets

Fanstickets is an online platform for the exchange of tickets in which fans can buy and sell tickets for all events. 

Purchase tickets step by step:     

A. Looking for the event you are interested in:

Write the event name you're interested in on the "Search" box topside (and click on "Search"), or find it looking for the event type in the menu below. If not available, we do not sell tickets for this event.

B. Select the tickets you prefer:

Once inside the chosen event page, filter the offer by criteria (price, tickets together quantity, tickets type, seller rating among our buyers, etc...).

If seller has specified it, you can set the exact location on the tickets advertisement. We offer you one or two maps of the enclosure so you can display more specifically where the tickets are located.

C. Reserve your tickets:

Select tickets quantity you are interested in of this ad. You can do it in the drop down on the left of the each ad tickets price. This drop-down shows you always maximum tickets available with the same characteristics in each ad, so you can buy smaller amount that shows the ad, but no more.

Finally, click 'Buy' to book your tickets.

D. Confirm the purchase of your tickets:

Identufy to let seller knows who and where to send the tickets.

If you want other person receive the tickets, indicate your name in the section "New Customer" and the name and address of the one that will receive the tickets in the "Delivery address" area.

You will see the approximate delivery date of your tickets in step 2 once you have registered. You will receive your tickets from the date is shown, but never before.  

E. Choose the payment method:

Pay by card or with Paypal. If you know your keys to pay online, choose the first option. If you do not know your key or you want to pay with your Paypal account, select the second. Both ways are completely safe and are verified by banking standards for secure online payment.