Fanstickets is not a swindle or a sting

Fanstickets is not a scam or a scam and never wants to be misleading to its users. It is only an online platform that intermediate in exchange of inputs among fans of a legal, reliable and safe. Thus described in the General conditions of use of our website.

To avoid that none of our customers might feel cheated before or after using the service we provide through our website, Fanstickets wants to clarify the following:

 - Fanstickets does not buy or sell tickets, nor is the owner of tickets that are advertised on its website. It is only a mediator in the transactions that are made among the buyers and sellers in the website.

 - Fanstickets doesn't fix the pricing of tickets advertised on its website. Tickets seller sets the price of them freely.


The reasons for using our service are as follows:

Opportunity. Fanstickets gives the opportunity to many buyers for accessing to events whose tickets have been sold out through the official sale, showing as an alternative channel to buy tickets until the event date.

Similarly, it provides to sellers who eventually cannot use their tickets the possibility of recovering the money paid for them.

Comfort. Fanstickets helps to avoid the inconvenience of making long lines or having to be pending to buy them at a time determined in cases of highly popular events and in which it is expected they will be sold out within a short period of time.

Availability. Fanstickets makes possible to buy tickets for an event highly demmanded until the event date (if available).

Warranty. Fanstickets sets a secure and reliable framework for tickets exchange and ensures success in the transaction among buyers and sellers who meet in its website. Buy tickets on the street or in the online forums is no longer a question of fear and faith.

If the seller fails and buyer don'tt receive the tickets or receive them not in time for the event, something we try to avoid at all costs, the refund of the full money paid will be made.

If seller send to the buyer a few different tickets, buyer can cancel the purchase and request a refund of the money.

Price. Prices announced on the fanstickets website are set by sellers and Fanstickets has no control over them. We show the official price so that the seller has it reference, but is just that, a reference. The important thing is that we don't pay to the seller for the ticket sale until buyer have received the tickets and have attended the event. In this way, we know that the tickets buyer receive are valid and that will received them in time for the event.

At no time Fanstickets warns that prices are the same than official ones. On the contrary, we warned that they may be lower or higher than the ones printed on the tickets.

Advantage. Fanstickets allows the tickets purchase confirmation well in advance, so the buyer can arrange their displacement to the event city saving substantial amount of money in the accomodation reservation and travel. If you have to wait to buy the tickets through the official channels of sale as well as all the people, accomodation and travel costs will be much higher.

Not official. Fanstickets warns that it is not an organizer of any event or an official tickets supplier, which could lead to deception to its users.

Commission. Fanstickets charges a commission in the transactions completed to ensure the maintenance, the quality and the success of its services, as:

 - review each transaction.

 - verify all payments from buyers through our partnership with leading payment platforms (Servired and Paypal).

 - require to the sellers for sending their tickets through the biggest logistics company in the world (UPS), which guarantees the fastest service and far-reaching.

 - paying sellers after the buyer has attended the event, thus avoiding any kind of possible fraud by any seller.

 - promoting the seller advertises among potential buyers.

All of which has a cost of establishment and maintenance, which is paid for a free, legal and reliable marketplace where fans can establish their transactions.

Not mandatory. Fanstickets is always transparent in their informations and it is intended to never deceive or be misleading with them or force the user to hire the services offered on its website.

Fanstickets is a company integrated of professionals with over 15 years of experience in ticketing, we also are fans like you. This allows us to understand your wants and needs better than anyone. We strive every day to meet your expectations when you use our service. That is the key to our good reputation among our customers. Which has been built year after year-based effort, dedication and enthusiasm that you get when you buy your tickets to attend an event that passionates you.