Fanstickets warranty

Fanstickets is only intended to protect both the buyer and the seller in the use of this website for the ticket exchange.  

Fanstickets warranty to the buyer: is the security we offer to our buyers that will receive tickets that have been purchased in time for the event, and if not, the return of the full amount that paid for them.

Fanstickets is not the the seller of the tickets that advertise, therefore cannot guarantee 100% accuracy about tickets will be sent by selles.

But thanks to the Fanstickets warranty:

 - if you don't receive your tickets, don't receive them on time or receive some tickets worse that the ones you bought, you will get the refund the full amount of your purchase.

 - if you receive a different but similar to the purchased tickets, we penalize the seller to prevent this from happening again.

 - if the seller let us know he doesn't already have the tickets he sold anymore, we will look for some equal or better replacement tickets that you purchased without any additional cost to you.

Thanks to the warranty Fanstickets seller does not receive the money from the tickets sale until some days after the event was celebrated, when we have absolute certainty that everything has gone well to buyer with the tickets.  

Fanstickets warranty for sellers: is the security we offer to our sellers that they will receive the money from their ticket sales which have been completed properly.

Thanks to the warranty Fanstickets seller:

 - buyers payments are verified by the security systems of major international payment platforms and its own anti-fraud verification systems.

 - the seller receives money from their sales in time.

By Fanstickets warranty, the seller doesn't receive money from his ticket sales until several days after the event took place, when we have absolute certainty that everything has gone well for the buyer with the tickets.